The LAUD Story

In 2015 I woke up with a thought, Australia needs a magazine for makeup artists, bodypainter’s and hair artists. I decided to do it, thinking ‘how hard could it be’.
My friend Anastasia and I sat at her kitchen bench and started to plan what the magazine would look like. LAUD was born, we choose laud as the title, as it means to lift people up and that was my dream.
We decided that the publication would be for all creative artists, not limited to a specific genre, experience level or fame.
With no experience in how a magazine was laid out, published or distributed, we reached out to people in the creative community, gaining valuable insight and help.
Family is essential.  Anastasia’s family was young, and she dedicated herself to supporting the people she loved; always the right choice.  She will always be the person that totally believed in me and Laud.

It’s certainly been a journey, full of highs and lows.
I’ve met and worked with some amazingly talented people who helped to shape Laud and I thank them wholeheartedly for their never ending help and contributions to Laud over the years.
I was asked once “What did I want to achieve from Laud”, it was an interesting question. Laud has never been about money. It was always about giving artists a platform to showcase their artistry to the world. As Laud evolves, this core feature remains constant.

For me personally there is a sense of beauty in the touch and feel of a freshly-printed magazine.  There is beauty in digital imagery, but a different beauty.
Laud will always be available in print that can be held in the hands.

Laud is beautiful, and cohesive.

The core requirement of creating a platform for artists could not be achieved with a single publication.
The boundless joy of edgy, intensely-creative, and unapologetic art needed a home unconstrained by a need for cohesion. So I created a sister publication — UNLEASHED — to fill this space and expand the Laud platform to these artists and their work.

The last 18 months have been terribly tough. Laud and UNLEASHED have suffered long delays.
The core promise remains, the need for the platform remains.
With the help of some amazingly talented souls, Laud 11 and UNLEASHED are here, done, and gorgeous.

The world has changed.  The need to have content published quickly is a necessity.
Laud and UNLEASHED need to evolve.
Moving forward, all content accepted by Laud will be published as webitorial s within 14 days.  Allowing artists a quick turn-around on digital publication.
The very best submissions will be published in a new magazine LAUD UNLEASHED.  This magazine will be available in digital and print format, combining the Laud magazine tradition with dedicated UNLEASHED content. The magazine will also contain specially-prepared content, not previously published as webitorial s.

LAUD UNLEASHED will have sections: Makeup/Beauty, Hair, Art and SFX, and will be published three times a year.
All Submissions will now ONLY be accepted via the Kavyar site. The theme, requirements for submission and dates will be available on the Kavyar site.  Submit Now

With change comes adventure and joy, the Laud journey continues. The future is now.