Zach Glielmi passion for hair started at a young age. I always knew that I would do hair and feel very fortunate to be living out my dream. I have 11 years of experience. Started my education at Carsten Institute/Aveda and continued at Vidal Sassoon in Santa Monica, California.
I have always loved working in the salon and working/forming relationships with clients. But my passion within hair is styling.
I love the 50’s through the 70’s, the hair and fashion influence went through so much change and variety
I remember watching a Disney Channel special on the wig designs for the light parade. I was six years old and insanely obsessed. I needed to get my hands on a mannequin head. My parents were very supportive and got me the next best thing: a Barbie head. I made it work. My dad was my biggest inspiration and support. There was no questioning from him when I expressed my desire to drop out of college and go to hair school. He pushed me and I am forever grateful!
Inspiration is everywhere and I am constantly looking at hair everywhere I go. I mostly pull from film, especially older films. My favorite film is Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo. I recall the first time seeing Kim Novak’s hair amongst the bouquets in the flower shop. The colors and the music, how it all fits together perfectly to make the watcher instantly fall in love with her the same way Jimmy Stewart did in the film. Beautiful movie!
I love hair and think about it all day everyday, I’m so fortunate to be doing what I love.