Townet Pelea is a Philippines based Hair Stylist and Make up Artist. She specializes in precision hair styling and with her artistic vision and impeccable attention to detail enjoys working with clients to come up with styles individualized to their needs. Townet has been working as a Hairstylist and Make up Artist for almost 5 years and she still enjoys learning and exploring more about her craft and is always looking for ways in which she can bring both the latest styles as well as classic standards of beauty to her clients. She believes in the importance of continuing education and strives to stay at the forefront of the industry with her knowledge of new products and services to her clients. She likes making people feel more beautiful and more confident .Townet can easily adapt by being versatile and resourceful and it has allowed her to work across film, television, advertising, editorial fashion and for local celebrities in the Philippines. Townet places high value on building professional relationships with her clients,understanding how to best meet their needs and satisfaction.