Theresa Hall  –  I have been involved in photography for around 15 years and the last couple of years started to specialise in fashion photography. My love for that has come from since I was very young I always wanted to be a fashion designer and draw lots a pretty dresses. In creating my fashion images I am excited by the clothing and styling and creating a story. I understand the value of a great team of hair stylists, make up artists, stylists, designers, models and assistants is what brings it all together.

Its a great achievement when I can produce the pictures in my head into reality. I am inspired by what hides in the shadows and how light changes the mood of an image. Playing with different light keeps me learning and evolving as a photographer. My amazing, talented photographer husband keeps me motivated to learn and better myself. My beautiful Daughter Mia, well she keeps me smiling and laughing and we all need a bit of that in our life.