Tanya Guccione – Melbourne based makeup artist, manicurist and hair stylist Tanya Guccione is no stranger to the
creative world. She is a self taught makeup artist and fell into the beauty world by pure accident
after working in a small hair salon while studying fine arts. After falling in love with all things beauty,
she assisted renowned makeup artist Rae Morris for 5 years. She went on to work alongside
incredible talent and clients, and has seen her work published in major magazines around the
Tanya is passionate about the Art of Makeup artistry and finds inspiration through stories, travel,
culture and different eras. She is also very passionate about representing working mums and being
a voice for artists who struggle to break into the industry. She has influenced and helped many
breakdown the mindsets and struggles which surround the industry and unlock peoples potential.
Tanya now speaks at major events on how to not just do makeup but be a “real artist” and grow