Matteo Bartolini  grew up in Italy.” I am a make up artist / Hairstylist who absolutely loves his job and everything that comes with it. I appreciate the people I meet, the places I go, the hours I keep, and the spontaneity in every models who can collaborate with me.
I do my very best to do every single projects from still photos to video.”
Matteeo has featured in the following publications: Vogue Italia, GQ Italia, Numéro Paris,Collectible Dry, Cosmopolitan Italia, Cool Uk Magazine, Cactus Magazine, Drew Editorial, Riders, Nakedbutsafe, L’Officiel Kazakistan, L’Officiel Homme Kazakistan, L’Officiel Homme Ukraine, L’Officiel Homme Thailand,Man_s World India, D’scene, Book Uomo/Woman, Cool Uk Magazine.