Letitia Booth is an award winning, uber talented hair stylist and colourist. She grew up in NZ, where her Mum (also a hairdresser) inspired her to begin an apprenticeship in 1989. Since then she’s been a salon manager, educator, fashion runway, session stylist, and editorial creative. She’s also honed her skills working overseas, including several years in the UK.

While Letitia loves the excitement of fashion shoots, the drama of fashion shows, and the challenge of competitions, her ongoing salon works keeps her grounded, focused and close to her craft. Her work has taken her to the UK, and she’s spent the last 7 years in Australia, where her editorial career is beginning to blossom. She’s full of energy, passionate about beauty fashion and hair.

Awards aside, if you asked Letitia, she’d name her career highlights as the world she’s inhabiting now, working on editorial photoshoots and meeting other creatives. There’s no doubt she’s as passionate about her craft today as she was when she entered her Mum’s salon in 1991.