Japs Rodriguez was born and raised in Philippines. ”I fell in love with the culture and people of Australia. So I packed my belongings and started a new life in Australia in Dec 2006. I work full time as a ‘lay up operator’ at Boeing Aero structures Australia and I fit my photography work around it.Photography allows me to express my artistry and capture the memories of beauty, a place or a moment in time. Huf Magazine & The Eloquent Man were the first magazine to publish my work which opened the doors for more work within the industry and opportunities to work with other artists. I love to shoot fashion and beauty. I believe theres a team of artists behind every perfect image such as – visual artist, hair & makeup, model and the Photographer. There has to be an understanding of texture, tone, harmony, symmetry and asymmetry. I feel the the combination of skills, trust, hard work and sleepless nights is the formula to a near perfect image.”