Daniel Sangermani 
Since the start of his career in fashion, Daniel Sangermani has established himself as one of Brisbane’s leading editorial, fashion and beauty photographers. Since 2007 Daniel has focused his efforts on fashion and beauty photography. After simultaneously juggling 2 careers, Daniel has gone professional in 2012, leaving behind his PhD in molecular science and consecrating all of his time to photography.
Renowned for his charisma, good nature, and creativity, Daniel Sangermani has worked with an array of local clients and international brands, which exposed him to leading national and international figures in several fields of creative industries.
This year he was hand picked amongst a field of 10000s+ to be part of an exclusive group of alumni to be mentored and learn from Nick Knight, one of the world leaders in innovative photography and fashion film, renown for his creativity, long lasting career and founder of SHOWstudio, the world leader fashion film production studio.