Courtney Baker is a Hair and Makeup Artist based in South-East Queensland and have been in the hair and beauty industry for 7 years.
I started my career as a hairdresser, but I knew I didn’t want to be confined to “in-salon”. Early on in my apprenticeship I was involved in competitions, photoshoots and training workshops. Since then I have
branched into many other areas of the fashion and beauty industries, including national and international workshops, hair photography competitions, magazine publications, co-hosted workshops and education
seminars, runway and fashion shows, theatre and stage productions, and advertising campaigns. Recently I decided to move into makeup and in this short time I am very proud of the many competitions,
workshops and international magazine publications I have been involved in. Learning new things, refining my skills and pushing into new areas really excites me. Having the knowledge
and the experience in both hair and makeup is proving to be beneficial and I can’t wait to see where it can take me.