CHEREINE WADDDELL is a qualified and professional freelance Makeup Artist and Educator Based in Sydney. She is renowned for her creative flair, unconventional style and broad versatility within her skills.
With a strong background in Fashion Design, Fine Arts and SFX Chereine is well equipped with an understanding and appreciation for colour, design and technique. She utilizes her cross-disciplinary skills to influence her artistry with originality, finesse, and harmony.
Highly creative and inspired by a broad range of materials, her expertise in both Makeup and Art allow her the freedom to experiment, transform, and challenge artistic boundaries with efficiency, skill and balance.
Having worked and collaborated in various fields her work is acknowledged both locally and internationally in film, music, television, theatre, editorials, print, exhibitions, and Runway, as well as being highly sought after for various events and by many brides.
Chereine’s passion and enthusiasm to her work, is evident in her results with attention to detail and flawless application. She endeavors to inspire and excite the senses by enhancing beauty in its many forms. She takes innovation to new heights in the materials, techniques and visions she employs, which make her a stand out in her industry.