Bernice Mansfield is known for her attention to detail, Bernice is passionate about enhancing beauty. Having worked with a wide range of photographers and clients, Bernice’s makeup experience stretches from commercial advertising campaigns to runway shows. Whether it is working backstage on a parade, on location for a fashion shoot or in a studio, being flexible and easy-going allows Bernice to bring out the best in any subject. Having regular exposure to production gives her understanding of the entire team work flow and adjust to the circumstances required in not only meeting, but exceeding creative briefs. I have always loved art.. Being around art.. Being around colour.. Even as a child, I couldn’t think of anything more exhilarating than having an empty art pad in front of me, surrounded by my large collection of derwents and paints.. It pretty much started there.. I had no idea that my creative gene would lead me to makeup.! I studied arts all through school, but didn’t pick up makeup until 2007. That’s when I felt my life began..
The many creative people I have met and have had the honour of working with is beyond me.. I find nothing more inspiring or challenging than to be a part of a creative team where all our ideas collectively make the beautiful work you see here.. I thank everyone one of you.. You know who you are. More