Becca Gilamartin: creative director of the Face2Face Awards at Beauty Expo Australia & Beauty Director LAUD Magazine, Trish Lee-Geoaits: Publisher LAUD Magazine and Chereine Waddell: Beauty Editor LAUD Magazine discuss with Jarred Stedman: Art Director LAUD Magazine the Face2Face Makeup Awards 2017.
Video Produced by: Jarred Stedman

Winner: Isabelle De Vries – Image 1


RUNNERUP: Lilah Gow – Image 1


Winner: Isabelle De Vries – Image 2


RUNNERUP: Lilah Gow – Image 2


Face2Face Makeup Awards – Editorial 2017

Being a Makeup Artist has become a very popular vocation over the past few years and thanks to the rise of the social media makeup artist… has given the rest of the industry a sense of a flooding in population. There are certainly pro’s and cons to any evolution of an industry as a result in advancing technology… but what does it mean to those makeup artists who truly have a passion for this craft and want longevity not just 15 minutes of fame? How do they evolve their craft to get a sense of inner confidence so that they can handle any situation in the workforce as well as stand out in the crowd?

Well… one thing they can do is put themselves in a situation that they know will be stressful on some level, that will force excellence in makeup in a ‘spotlight’ circumstance and to a brief they may have never thought to create within before. This experience will gift them so much self-knowledge that they cannot gain alone…that will add so much value to their artistry rarely attainable nowhere else outside of a work situation… and the best part being there is a no client to perform for… only himself or herself.

This is why Laud Magazine is such a proud sponsor of the Face2Face Makeup Awards.

I have been the creative director of the Face2Face Awards at Beauty Expo Australia for years now not because I believe in being competitive… but because I believe in constant self expansion as an artist and this is a perfect forum where you, as an artist, in only a couple of hours, get rapid growth for yourself. There aren’t many forums like that if being an Instagram MUA doesn’t make your heart sing.

The Face2Face Awards attracts artists from not only around Australia… but Internationally. The competition floor is an even playing field with best makeup on the day winning. Entrants are a combination of seasoned artists, new makeup artists, students and even some enthusiasts. Makeup is an ART and we feel leaving it open to anyone who wants to enter makes for a delicious day of creating.

This year I mixed things up a little by introducing a ‘Creative Makeup’ category in place of SPFX which turned into one of our most popular categories! The other categories for the live competitions are Bridal, Fashion Catwalk and Body Art.

Laud is a proud sponsor of the Photographic Category ‘Beauty Editorial’ which each year goes from strength to strength in entry numbers ans also quality of work.

This year the theme was ” My Beauty Brand – imagine a world where you are about to launch your very own Makeup Brand. Create the first two beauty images that will advertise your brand in the pages of elite glossy magazines.”

Over 40 makeup artists took this brief and ran with it. They organised their own model, photographer, styling and produced two images they saw as their most beautiful representation of what their imaginary Beauty Brand would look like. Just getting their shoot done, retouched, printed and delivered to the expo means they win. For some artists… this was their first creatively directed shoot… and for some… this is now an added strength in their folio.

Judging was tough and for a few hours there was 1 point difference jumping between two second place candidates… and in my opinion the winner for second place came down to timing. It was so close. Winner was Isabelle De Vries  from Perth and runner up, Lilah Gow, Canberra ACT. ( With a close third from Makeup Artist Magazine cover girl, Vikki Aldridge )

We look forward to featuring Isabelle in an upcoming issue of LAUD as a RISE artist… for now… please enjoy the all the entries for the 2017 Face2Face Awards!


All Images courtesy: Beauty Expo Australia

face2face makeup awards – editorial entries

Alanah Lucantonio – Image 1


Alanah Lucantonio – Image 2


Amanda Nash – Image 1


Amanda Nash – Image 2


Carly Stone – Image 1


Carly Stone – Image 2


Carmelle Watkins – Image 1


Carmelle Watkins – Image 2


carolina vieira – Image 1


carolina vieira – Image 2


Casey Hill – Image 1


Casey Hill – Image 2


Celina Pereira – Image 1


Celina Pereira – Image 2


Charlotte Ravet – Image 1


Charlotte Ravet – Image 2


Christina Rodio – Image 1


Elizabeth Marriott – Image 2


Duana Sharp – Image 1


Duana Sharp – Image 2


Eleasha Pilcher – Image 1


Eleasha Pilcher – Image 2


Elizabeth Marriott – Image 1


Elizabeth Marriott – Image 2


hannah king – Image 1


hannah king – Image 2


Jack Lewis Chesher – Image 1


Jack Lewis Chesher – Image 2


Jessica Renz – Image 1


Jessica Renz – Image 2


Jing Wang – Image 1


Jing Wang – Image 2


Josleen Hawas – Image 1


Josleen Hawas – Image 2


Katie Saarikko – Image 1


Katie Saarikko- Image 2


Krista White – Image 1


Krista White – Image 2


Kristin Martin – Image 1


Kristin Martin – Image 2


Lesley Johnston – Image 1


Lesley Johnston – Image 2


Marie Donnell – Image 1


Marie Donnell – Image 2


Mehri Kzaemi Renani – Image 1


Mehri Kzaemi Renani – Image 2


Mel Milanovic – Image 1
Mel Milanovic – Image 2

Michelle Dube – Image 1


Michelle Dube – Image 2
Monika Hodkinson – Image 1
Monika Hodkinson – Image 2
Nadia Duca – Image 1

Nadia Duca – Image 2




Pearlin Bracewell – Image 1
Pearlin Bracewell – Image 2
Sabrina Melei – Image 1
Sabrina Melei – Image 2
Sara Nielsen – Image 1
Sara Nielsen – Image 2
Shannon Jennings – Image 1
Shannon Jenningsl – Image 2
Vikki Aldridge – Image 1
Vikki Aldridge – Image 2