Angela Mazur is of Russian background and born in Lithuania. She currently resides in the UK. Her photography journey started in the underground clubs of Lithuania and then continued when she moved to bigger audiences in UK and Europe. She was photographing in clubs and festivals in the UK, Belgium, Spain, Italy… Fabric, HERBAL, Brixton Academy, MATTER and many more. Photographing in different light and party locations helped her to develop confidence to go forward. During all this she was getting her degree in Interior Design at London College of Communication. After the birth of her first son, Gabriel, she moved to daytime shooting fashion and portraits. Angela is an internationally published photographer, her work was featured in PhotoVogue, 10TEN, DESIGN SCENE, KALTBLUT, WildAbout, DREAMINGLESS, Elegant, Sister, EQUAL, PACHA IBIZA, DJ MAG as well as shooting backstage at London Fashion Week. Her passion to experiment with light, colour, shape and composition is reflected in her work.