Laud Magazine is thrilled to be receiving a large number of submissions. We thought in order to save your precious time we would give you some guidelines on what we’re looking for.
LAUD is looking for well thought out ideas. Take the time to process what it is you want to say. Is the concept reflected in all the details – hair, makeup, nails, time period, lighting, the image… it’s not enough to have just one strong aspect : everything should reflect your brilliant idea!
LAUD is multicultural and doesn’t discriminate age wise. That said, we are working with some of the world’s best modelling agencies & creatives so the better the talent, the better your chances are of being published. We don’t promote one particular type of beauty, but we are aspirational, so your cousin Amy probably won’t cut the mustard. Unless your concept is enhanced by your casting choice, we would recommend getting your hands on the best talent you can. If you are new to the business, team up with a photographer and contact modelling agencies to begin testing new faces. They will let you do this free of charge and it will often be a gateway into working with their talent. Remember, the more amazing the face, the more amazing your work will be!
There is nothing more boring than being a copycat. Be a voice, not an echo. Odds are that if you are copying the reference in every aspect, yours will look like the cheap version. Take risks, be bold and try new things – you will be a lot closer to finding your voice as an artist if you stretch your creativity.
Change that Hairstyle and Makeup between shots, Laud are looking to see a variety of Hairstyles and Makeup within an Editorial.
LAUD loves fashion – so we welcome accessories, fashion, and anything that enhances your concept. Remember though to keep it relevant, we don’t want the entirety of Cousin Amy’s vintage wardrobe. Often, less is more, so stay focused!
Make sure that the Fashion isn’t the focus, keep that the focus on Hair, Makeup, Body Art or SPFX, complement your concept with Fashion.
LAUD has 4 main categories: makeup, hair, body art and special effects. Obviously these mediums will cross over, but when you submit your images, let us know which category you are submitting to.
We look forward to seeing all your beautiful shoots and thank you for helping us to raise awareness of your wonderful talent. Due to the large amount of submissions we may not be able to respond to everyone – but you will definitely hear from us if we are going to publish your work.

LAUD Magazine is an advocate of keep our young models safe. Images of Models under 18 that contain Nudity, Implied Nudity or represent unhealthy Body Imagery will not be accepted.

1. Exclusive
All editorials MUST be exclusive to Laud Magazine, submissions will not be accepted for online or print where any images relating to the editorial, including images not forming part of the submission and or behind the scenes imagery have been previously published in print, or in any form of digital publishing including and not limited to Social media.

2. Hair, Makeup, Body Art and SPFX focused
Submitted editorials must have the Hair, Makeup, Body Art or SPFX as the main focus.

3. Title
Title for your submission must be included.

4. Theme of the Editorial i.e. Hair, Makeup
Include as part of the Submission a brief explanation of the theme behind the Editorial and if the editorial is Hair, Makeup, Bodyart of SPFX focused.

5. Full Credit List
Ensure that all participants in the Editorial are listed and their details are correct. It is not the responsibility of Laud Magazine to validate details.
If the Editorial is accepted for Publishing:
– A Bio including headshot will be required for Photographer, Makeup Artist, Hair Stylist and Stylist.
– Full Makeup, Hair and Stylists notes will be required.

6. Submission Image Requirements
3-8 low resolution images are required.
Images must be:
– Non Watermarked
– In JPEG format
– Individual images Must NOT exceed 1mb

7. Sending submission
All Submissions are to be emailed to
Contact details must be included on the email.
No zipped files will be accepted.

8. Acceptance Process
All submissions will be responded to within 21 days of submission via email.
All accepted editorials will be published under the Creative Makeup Artist and/or Hairstylist name.
High Res Images will be required if the Editorial is accepted for publishing.

9. Print Page Specifications