Courtesy of: Professional Use       Runway Images – Photographer: Jarred Stedman

Albus Lumen Resort 19 sees designer Marina Afonina transporting her Albus woman back to Spain in the 70’s, more specifically the Spain of Pablo Picasso and the women that inspired the legendary artist. Influenced by the delicate work Picasso did with terracotta tiles in the mid-70’s along with his muse and daughter, Paloma, Afonina translates the inspiration to her Resort 19 collection titled PABLO / PALOMA.

To compliment the inspiration and create a distinct look for the show, Hair Director Travis Balcke has developed two characters that embody the Albus Lumen woman for the season – one masculine and one feminine using products from the BALMAIN Paris Hair Couture range.

“We have really tailored each look to an individual girl. We wanted the model to not just embody the inspiration for the show but be a part of it and have worked with the natural qualities of their hair to achieve this”, states Balcke. “We want to leave the interpretation between who is masculine and who is feminine up to the audience. But even then, there is duality between the two.”

The first look is pulled back off the face and has texture worked through the hair in a minimal way. Accentuating the comb marks was achieved with the Balmain Styling Gel String. Using the Balmain Leave in Conditioning Spray, small controlled textural details follow the shape of the head. This signature product not only adds a natural weight and texture to the hair, it has also been designed to break down and remove excess residual product from the hair. Silk proteins contained in the Conditioning Spray help smooth the hair and enhance

Weaving in free-flowing wefts allow a very long, narrow natural braid to trail down the back, reminiscent of the carefree way Spanish women are known to wear their hair. Combed back hair with a feeling of something quite masculine about it.

The other interpretation sees the hair being treated in a very unstructured way. Balmain Hair Couture Leave in Conditioning Spray has been used again to accentuate the inherent textures of the model’s own hair, expanding who they are naturally, but with the Albus muse in mind. Balcke has played around with parting of the hair to enhance the natural face shapes and features. As a finishing touch to both looks Travis employed Balmain Styling Gel Strong and Balmain Silk Perfume to create a wet, high-gloss look.

Says Albus Lumen Designer Marina Afonina “I want to evoke a new mood this season. The Albus Lumen woman is worldly, confident and creative and her wardrobe and hair reflect this. “I love the Spanish aesthetic of the period, Travis has created a reinvented 70’s for now kind of look that perfectly compliments the collection.”

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