Wella Professionals X Alice McCall Resort ‘19 –  MERCEDES BENZ FASHION WEEK 2018

Renya Xydis leads Wella Professionals EIMI Artistic Team at #MBFWA to create 40’s inspired ‘cool girl’ elegance for the Alice McCall Resort ’19 Runway.

Story and Images courtesy of: COTY.INC  

If you could, would you cast away your expectations and leave it to chance? An accidental bout of luck may be all the more likely in Alice McCall’s signatures; guaranteed-a-good- time for vacations away to evening soirées and everything else in between.
“I design dresses for girls to have a great time in. To celebrate. To have fun.” – Alice McCall

It’s ‘beyond pretty here’, was a calling card for Alice McCall’s latest collection. She is all about the update, referencing old Chantilly lace and tablecloths draped and pleated to concoct modern silhouettes. Florals are ‘punched up’ in colour and execution, and sweet pastels are strengthened when offset with turn-around-twice fuchsias and acidic apple greens – a rich spectrum of saturations and hues.

It is this vision of ‘beyond pretty’ and ‘punched up florals’ that lead Renya Xydis, Creative Director Wella Professionals ANZ to create the elegant 40’s glamour to the pulled-back attitude hair look for Alice McCall’s Resort ‘19 show, using styling collection, EIMI.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Wella for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week under the creative direction of Renya Xydis. She has created an edgy cool girl style that really compliments the collection.”  Alice McCall

“I wanted to create a style that embodied the Alice McCall girl, but still captured the bold confidence that filtered through Alice’s striking collection. We created 40’s inspired twists that – instead of sitting pretty – sat up tall, strong, slick and structured the face to give our Alice McCall girl her fierce, yet still beautiful, feminine look.” Renya Xydis – Wella Professionals Creative Director ANZ

1. Prep the hair with EIMI Perfect Setting, spritzing mid-lengths to ends
2. Apply EIMI Ocean Spritz at the crown to add texture and root lift to the back section
3. Diffuse hair from the crown down to create natural movement without ‘blasting’ the roots
4. Use a large styling iron to build ‘cool girl’ texture by flattening the ends in big sections
5. Using EIMI Perfect Me, skip the hair to give a natural healthy flow, and hydrate the ends. Work the hair lightly to keep the look ‘aired’
6. Using a toothcomb, section the hair into three parts – from the crown back to behind the ears – clip these away
7. Plait the remaining hair at the back of the head to maintain a ‘tousled’ look for the bulk of the hair
8. Taking your first side section up above the head, apply EIMI Stay Styled liberally and, brush in an upwards direction towards the middle part, holding with one hand – until ‘slick’
9. Twist the section tightly towards the middle parting and secure with a ‘Mary-Jane’ slide. Be sure that the twists sit ‘square’ on top of the head
10. Using a soft brush, gently skim the hairline and twists to create ‘soft’ texture around the head, for that ‘cool-girl’ tousled look
11. Finish with EIMI Glam Mist for added shine

Makeup: MacProTeam Directed by Nicole Thompson (Pinky) M.A.C Cosmetics

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RRP $24.95

For further information, please contact Lucy Clark, PR Manager Wella ANZ   Lucy_clark@cotyinc.com