Join us as we travel the globe with issue #1 star Matilda Dods from IMG as the fashion week circuit unfolds! Matilda will be taking us backstage to see the incredible looks – so check back in regularly as we continue to update! Make sure you follow Matilda and all of her adventures on her instagram: @matildadods 


The LOOK at house of Holland.

I loved doing this show, the energy was among the best backstage vibes ever. I also loved that Body Shop did the makeup meaning we were serving up cruelty free looks.



In hair and makeup at JW Anderson

The skin was literally just concealer, and the hair was 7th grade social side part ponytail goals.


Bizarrely, this is the only selfie I have from the entire Zadig and Voltaire show

Fun fact my gas and electric in my building had gone out the night before, so I hadn’t showered and I felt like an ashtray poured into a wet sock. Thank god for the HMU team for fooling y’all into thinking I’m a clean and functional human being HA.


Hair and make up test for Jeremy Scott in New York.

I look like a China doll and I’m digging it.


Backstage at Jeremy Scott

They changed my space buns to a pony tail and I got really sad.

Probably my favorite thing about this look was that it was light enough to wear out all night after the show and looked fucking sick and didn’t feel like I had been spray painted.



Editorial Shoot

Not show make up, but shooting something a little special before I missed my flight to London. Those lashes are 100% mine, and this is my “patiently waiting for my mascara campaign” face.