Issue # 5 Feature: Carlson


Talent: Carlson Young
Beauty: Iggy Rosales 
Styling: Alexandra Mandelkorn
Photography: Thom Kerr

Issue # 5 Feature: Carlson


Talent: Carlson Young
Beauty: Iggy Rosales 
Styling: Alexandra Mandelkorn
Photography: Thom Kerr


When starring in a hit horror franchise, one must be prepared for everything from being locked in small quarters to getting drenched in pools of fake blood. Enter Carlson Young, star of MTV’s Scream, whose character not only slips through the survival cracks but also has a ton of fun doing so. When not on set Carlson has a lot of other side projects on the go, including producing and staring in her own short film Blazing-World and guest starring roles on some of your favourite TV series. Amy Evangelista chats with the young actress about life on set, her upcoming nuptials and her insight on beauty.

When did you realize you wanted to be an actress?
I really can’t remember a time that I didn’t wanted to be an actress. I can remember begging my mom for acting classes when I was around 5 years old.

Can you tell us about a time you’ve been creeped out on the set of Scream?
It was not fun to be wedged in a refrigerator. I had a lot of bruises from that one. I’m claustrophobic, so that was kind of a nightmare.

What qualities do you see in your Scream character that you also see in yourself?
Brooke is complicated– she’s very strong but also incredibly fragile. I think I can relate to that a lot. I do think that part of myself comes through in the character.

There’s an episode in Season 2 where the epic scene from Carrie is recreated and you get drenched in “Pigs Blood”. What was that like?
That was insane to shoot! We only had two takes to do it, so that was a bit of pressure for sure. Unsurprisingly, it’s a bizarre feeling to be doused in blood. The fake blood was actually pretty cold, too– I was shivering, and my hair/body was all sticky.

Is there special shampoo or soap you guys use to wash off the synthetic blood?
No special soap, but it took three washes to get the blood out of my hair. I had a piece of my hair in the front that was kind of dyed pink for a week or two.

What was the most intense SFX makeup done on set? Do you have a favorite done to you?
The makeup artist on the show, Ashley Walsh, has to do A TON of complicated SFX stuff. She’s a master. One day she’ll be crafting a synthetic chopped off hand and another day she’ll be working on splitting one of our actors in half. I haven’t had more than a few gashes here and there– thankfully for Brooke (:

Best part about filming in New Orleans?
The FOOD! And the atmosphere/culture… New Orleans is the best.

You produced and are set to star in your own short film, can you tell us about that process?
Yes! It’s called the Blazing-World. I’m really excited about it. It’s about a girl, Margaret, who has been plagued with these really vivid dreams of another universe since she was a little girl. One day, she’s visited by this mysterious man who reveals a map of the other world to her. It plays out from there. The process has been amazing. I love being behind the camera and developing my own vision.

Describe your go to outfit.
Well, since it’s winter currently, I’ve spent a lot of time in my camel Acne trousers and a white/black turtleneck + Gucci mules.

Best place to shop on a budget?
I have a lot of luck at Zara.

Do your makeup/beauty choices change with seasons? What colors do you think transition from winter to summer best?
I usually find myself piling on the eyeliner no matter what the season, honestly. And I love a good shimmer eyeshadow in the winter as well as the summer.

Biggest beauty splurge?
Cannot live without my Cle de Peau concealer.

Most worn pair of jeans?
My Levi’s– got this pair at Belljar in Los Feliz.

Favorite Hollywood era?

Anyone in particular whose style you emulate?
No one in particular, but I do love to keep it retro classic with an edge.

For those who don’t know, you’re engaged to Producer and Foster the People’s Isom Innis and set to marry in April. Congrats by the way! Which FTP song is your absolute favorite?
Thank you! I love all their stuff, really. One of my favorites is actually coming out on their newest album. Wait and see (:

Being that your fiancé is also a creative, do you find it easy or difficult to bounce ideas off each other?
It’s amazing to bounce ideas off him. We are always doing that. He totally gets my taste and vision, and I understand his.

Its a rainy Sunday, you’re snuggled on the couch, what are you binge watching?
High Maintenance…the OA… Transparent… Atlanta… or some obscure 70s horror flicks (:

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Beauty Notes

Skin – Tom Ford Luminous Primer mixed with Kate Somerville Goat Milk moisturiser, Armani Luminous Silk foundation, Cle De Peau Concealer, Chanel Loose Powder
Cheeks: Dior Nude Air Bronzer 002, Marc Jacobs Lush and Libido Blush
Brows: Anastasia Beverly hills brow pen, MAC Clear brow set
Eyes: Tom Ford Nude Dip eye palette, Ardell Wispies eye lashes
Lips: Sisley Nude Lip Pencil and MAC Snob Lip stick
IMAGE 2,3 & 6
Cheeks – Dior Nude Air Bronzer 002, Chantecaille Liquid Lumiere Lustre
Eyes: M.A.C Cosmetics Painterly Paint Pot, Maybelline Eye Studio Gel liner, Chantecaille Amethyst eye pencil, M.A.C Cosmetics Shadowy Lady eyeshadow
Liner: Top: Maybelline Eye studio Gel liner. Lower: Chantecaille Le Stylo Ultra Slim liquid liner
Lashes: Ardell Wispies lashes
Lips: Chanel Rouge Allure velvet Lipstick #61 Marc Jacobs Honeybun lip pencil
IMAGE 4 & 5
Cheeks – Marc Jacobs Tantric bronzer, Marc Jacobs Air Blush #504, Chantecaille Liquid Lumber Lustre
Brows – Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow pen, M.A.C Cosmetics Clear brow set
eyes – M.A.C Cosmetics Shell creme color base, Tom Ford

Hair Notes

IMAGE 1 & 3
The Hair shop Bumper 16”, Skinny Clip-ins in 18”, The Bang piece and Mono Lace 14”
IMAGE 2 & 6
The Hair shop The Bang piece
IMAGE 4 & 5
The Hair shop Bumper 16”, Skinny Clip-ins in 18”, Mono Lace 14”

Styling Notes

Hot As Hell dress & Helen Ficalora rings
IMAGE 2 & 6
Asilio dress, Helen Ficalora rings, Gucci Shoes, Vintage Glasses and Scarf
Rachel Zoe dress, Glamarella choker and Bijoux Bijoux earrings
Dyspnea top and Cloud Hunter skirt