Cameron Jane Make-up Design – Sheer Beauty Editorial

featuring: 2018 Students first Editorial Photo Shoot

Sheer Beauty allows natural skin to shine through and the face to have movement.”
It is all about enhancing the natural beauty of face. Think of it as makeup for real life. ..

Students were given a brief to create a sheer beauty look, they worked with the Cameron Jane Makeup Design Trainers to create a design. Then the design was practiced prior to the photography day. On the photography day, the students created their designed look on their allocated model, overseen by the CJMD trainers. Once the look was completed they worked with the Photographer to understand the positioning of the Model, the lighting required and the best angle for their completed makeup. Touch ups and adjustments were made if required prior to the final shots being done.

Several weeks after the photo shoot day, the students worked with the Photographer in selecting their preferred image and any retouching that the students required.

Cameron-Jane: Director / Principal of Cameron-Jane Make-up Design believes that this practical work is paramount to enabling the Students to understand the full range of knowledge required to perform as an Editorial Makeup Artist in the Industry once they have completed their course.

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