Brett McKinnon is a name well-known in Sydney’s hair circles. He has been in the industry for over 30 years and has worked for a number of reputable salons and brands in varying roles during this time. However, he took on a more principle role when he co-founded Sydney-based Murphy Gozzard with his partner, who coincidentally also happens to be named Brett.
Having worked with La Biosthetique in several capacities over the years, Brett (McKinnon) was recently approached by the brand to get involved as an ambassador for their 2017 Colour with Care initiative. Colour with Care is a humanitarian collaboration between La Biosthetique and Doctors without borders, which aims to provide funds and support to those helping out on the ground in war-torn and impoverished communities around the world. A contributing philanthropist already, Brett promptly said yes to the position, and is looking forward to seeing how many lives can be saved by this Australian Initiative.

How did you get involved with La Biosthetique and become an ambassador for the Colour with Care initiative?
I had been working with La Biosthetique for the last couple of years in my role as director for the fame team – La Biosthetique are a major sponsor. I really like their brand philosophy. I mean, it’s family owned, it’s not a big multi-national and they really care about being environmentally friendly. They just have really great ethics, so, it’s really aligned well with our brand Murphy Gozzard.
The idea of being able to support Doctors Without Borders, which is just the most incredible organisation and an organisation that I have always followed closely, is amazing. For us giving back is so important, and to be able to help something that is a global initiative. As far as Doctors Without Borders goes, the work they do all around the world is not political, it’s not religious. I think it all just sat really well with us.

Tell us a little bit about the initiative. How does it work, and why are you excited to be a part of it?
The way that the initiative works is for every tube of colour sold in Australia through La Biosthetique, the company donates a percentage of that colour tube to Doctors Without Borders. That amount of money can equate to different things, depending on how Medicines Sans Frontiers uses it. It could be for malaria diagnostic kits or it could be for a meal for a child in a war-torn country. So, a month of using La Biosthetique colours in a salon could equate to 100 meals.

Why is it important for clients to get involved with this initiative?
For a client coming into the salon, it’s so easy. It’s just a matter of getting your hair coloured. Most people do. You are helping just by sitting in a chair in a salon…looking beautiful.
It’s a no-brainer. The client knows that they are giving back when they get their hair coloured at a La Biosthetique salon and they don’t have to do anything. It’s all done for them, and the money is transferred straight to Doctors Without Borders.
Where can clients go to get their hair done and help out with this good cause?
You can visit any La Biosthetique salon in the country. It’s just a matter of going onto their website and looking up where their salons are located. They have 150 salons in Australia alone.

What can we expect to see come out of this initiative? How much change can it bring about? What can it do for people who are struggling to live, across the globe?
I think this initiative will create benefits and change right from day one. By being able to provide more for Doctors Without Borders to distribute where they feel that it is needed. Many war-torn countries or countries that have had natural disasters etc. where they are in the field working, this money is helping immediately.

So, we are hoping that within 12 months we’ve donated what is equivalent to 200,000 meals, with a long term goal of 5 years providing 1,000000 meals, which is enormous.

It’s an Australian initiative. But, hopefully it will become a global initiative if we see that it works.


Event photos supplied by Tim da-Rin.

Brett McKinnon
Brett McKinnon and Brett – Partners in life and business.
Brett speaking at the recent La Biosthetique event for the company’s new “Colour with Care” initiative.
Brett and Brett at the event.
Colour with Care Ambassador, Brett McKinnon with MSF (Doctors without Borders) epidemiologist Jennifer Duncomb, and Vogue Australia’s Editor-In-Chief Edwina McCann.