Makeup Artist Teneille Sorgiovanni picks her favourite eyebrows in fashion.

You must never under estimate the power of an eyebrow. They frame the face, set boundaries and express more than we can say in words.

The natural brow has been back for sometime now thanks to the likes of Cara Delevigne who put the thick and somewhat dishevelled power brow back in Vogue.

The Delevigne brow sits low on the face, full and thick, and extended towards the hairline. These oversized brows have women craving bushy natural looking brows. This style however won’t always bring out the best in some women – it may not suit their face shape and inadvertently end up hiding their beautiful eyes instead.

So lets do a shout out to all brows; Arched, straight, thin, thick, trimmed, unruly, bleached; they all tell a story. As a Makeup Artist this is what is important, adding to and enhancing an emotion, a character and inner beauty, whether it’s for models on a photo-shoot or just the everyday woman. Here are five striking beauties all rocking different kinds of brows.

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Cara Delevigne brought the natural brows back into fashion.

Click through the gallery to explore Teneille’s favourite brows.





Jennifer Connelly

Beautiful thick bushy power brow



Fei Fei Sun

Strong and straight glossy brow



Adwoa Aboah

A blank canvas, subtle bleached brow






Gigi Ringel @gigiringel

Her boyish unruly brow



Alex Box

The incredible makeup artist who’s brows signify a painterly rounded arch of the 50’s