Courtesy of: Lily Blue Communications

Taking its name from the mythological daughters of Zeus who presided over the arts and who gave their name to the personification of an artist’s inspiration – MUSE HAIR – has been inspiring clients and peers alike for an incredible 20 years.

Tuesday 20 September 2016 saw guests toast the incredible success of what was a modest hairdressing salon set up by two great friends, Roger Bowshall and Philip Barwick, but has now evolved into a multi-award winning powerhouse salon-business, regarded as nothing short of one of Australia’s most creative and progressive hair institutions.

From an original boutique-Darlinghurst location to a larger Crown Street salon in the heart of go-to creative hub Surry Hills, Philip and Roger have worked solidly to grow MUSE into the acclaimed hair brand it is today. Amongst a plethora of other awards, Philip – a revered REDKEN Global Artist – has been awarded Australian Hairdresser of the Year twice, directed hair at MBFWA & NYFW, and contributes to REDKEN’S epic education initiatives across the globe. Meanwhile Roger and Philip together have created an awesome work space that truly fosters careers for its team and rewards their dedication by helping them find fulfilment in being a part of something truly wonderful.

With an impressive 20 years in business under their belts, Philip and Roger have seen some changes in the industry. “It has morphed into an astonishing beast.” says Philip. “It has become a legitimate, focused arena of business: dodgy practice simply isn’t tolerated and is being driven out. Creativity is still prized but education has become its equal and that’s an excellent direction to move in as it means we are an increasingly more informed field of professionals.”

The emergence of social media has also brought hairdressers the biggest voice they have ever had, something which was not even imaginable when MUSE came into being. “What we put out there shapes the future of hairdressing – we can hold the key to creating a strong, professional and sustainable future but balance is everything.”

So what’s the secret of their success? Philip remains his trademark humble self, “I think it’s a mix of elements. Roger, my business partner, and I always do an honest day’s work, continue to dream, seek new experiences and above all remain grateful for our awesome team and the dedicated support of REDKEN 5TH AVENUE NYC. You do need a lot of stamina but you also need excellent partnerships. We are never afraid to change and we certainly realise that over a 20-year period the differences in this business are immense, but we’re all in it together… and for the long haul.”

‘An artistic force personified’ has been the mantra for creative hair artisans Roger and Philp ever since they opened the doors to MUSE, a mantra which looks like it will serve them well for another twenty years. At least!