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Kat Von D Beauty Launches Dagger Tattoo Liner

Sep 12, 2018

Ready to create the easiest and fastest cat eye, ever? Kat Von D Beauty has you covered with its second of three eyeliner innovations debuting in 2018. Introducing Kat Von D Beauty Dagger Tattoo Liner ($32), available from 12 September, 2018.
Everyone knows how challenging perfect Kat Eyes can be! Some have mastered it with Kat Von D Beauty’s award-winning Tattoo Liner, but now the brand is introducing another liner to the family, geared towards beginners. Dagger is the ultimate eyeliner to create an easy winged liner on every eye shape in seconds. It features a first-of-its-kind angled brush tip, cut at a 30-degree edge for built-in straight lines. When placed along the eye area, Dagger instantly lays down a straight and precise line, for less dragging and a smaller margin of error. The custom shape was inspired by the ease and precision of an angled eyeliner brush and has tiny brush bristles that empower you to quickly and easily create sharp, perfectly balanced wings.

Dagger Tattoo Liner guarantees fade-proof wear all day and night because it features the same award-winning, 24-hour, waterproof formula as the original Tattoo Liner we all know and love – the only thing that’s changed is the tip. It pairs perfectly with Kat Von D Beauty Lash Liner, the first-ever liquid liner for the waterline, which launched on July 20th to much frenzy.

• Pro Tip From The Kat Von D Beauty Artistry Collective: Position liner with the highest point of the tip facing downward. Be sure to look where you’re placing the brush so the liner applies exactly where you want it.

Kat Von D Beauty Dagger Tattoo Liner will be available September 12, 2018 at, in Sephora stores and on

#Vegan! Kat’s passion for animals means that all products are 100% Cruelty Free Forever. The Kat Von D Beauty Dagger Tattoo Liner is 100% vegan. Share your looks and find more inspiration at, @KatVonDBeauty, #KatVonDBeauty, #KVDLiner, #DaggerLiner



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