An open letter to the Laud Community.

An open letter to the Laud Community.

Firstly, I would like to thank the Laud team for their undying loyal support during the last 14 months and in particular from November to now. They have surrounded me with love, support and compassion.

I would like to apologise to all the contributors, subscribers, PR companies, models and community for the extreme delays in Issue 11, Unleashed #1 and the Year Book #3. In regards to these delays, Laud will be publishing all 3 over the next 6 weeks. They will only be available via the Laud website shop. A post will be made on Instagram and Facebook when each one is available for sale. Once they are for sale, they will also be made available for FREE via the LAUD Digital App.

Laud is a my greatest love and I am devastated with the delays.

I am a very private person, but in the interest of trying to be completely transparent, I would like to try and briefly explain the last 14 months. I have battled with the most insidious health problem for 10 years, early in 2018 it reared its ugly self once again, this time it brought me to my knees. Multiple surgeries, multiple treatment leading to multiple after effects and then more surgery. Through all of this the pain level was at a 12 out of 10, Still every day I went to work as I believed as long as I put one foot in front of the other It would be ok, I had done this before. I was strong and invincible. While fighting this, in July due to my extremely low Immune System, I came down with Pneumonia and ended up in Hospital in ICU with Septic Shock.  After this, I still pushed to get Issue #10 out with the massive help of the team and still went to Beauty Expo a week later as I could not let people down.

On the outside for so long I am all smiles, on the inside for so long I was slowly dying, the pain, the exhaustion, the hurt was taking a massive toll both physically and mentally. The RUOK movement only works if the person you are asking are they ok knows that NO they are not, so if you are worried about someone, keep asking.

With Laud, what a lot of the community never knew is that there was an amazing team of Editors who do all the featured editorials, interviews etc, , but there was only 1 of me, laying out all the magazines myself from #1 to #9, answering 80% of the emails, writing and maintain the Digital apps, writing and maintaining the website and trying to do Social Media as well. I also have a Computer Software company and a Salon. When I became too ill to continue in November, the team could not keep it going as most of the skills were with me. I thought I would be ok in a few weeks, this did not happen.

Its been a long and painful road back to where I am at right now. I have not communicated any of this before as I was trying to get well and to see if I could continue with Laud. My ability to make any decisions during this time was extremely limited. My decision is that I want to put the future of Laud on hold for another 3 months and then make a decision. As I love it so dearly and hope to be able to continue it in some way.

In regards to any Editorials that have been accepted for print for Issue #11, Unleashed #1 or Year Book #3, it was never my intention to hold these images hostage as has been suggested. All accepted work will be printed and released via Social Media as per our previous versions. I am more than happy for anyone to start sharing their images if they feel that they cannot wait.

Once again, I would like to thank the members of the Laud Team that have stuck by me, protected me, defended me and have given me such love and support.